linux download stream video

If you need to download some video from YouTube or another website that you can just play and watch video without download it, you can use XDM app for do this.

This application with a chrome extension can help you get download link.
For install you tow way
1 : use repositories

And second way is download source file and install

Go to thin link and download tar file
cd extracted folder and run this command sudo ./

Phpstorm indexes is very slow

Phpstorm is very slow even with SSD hard. The least week I change my HDD hard to SSD and update my Ubuntu to 16 but I don not see any change to Phpstorm indexing time. after many searches I found solution. I remove some directories from indexes sequence.

Create block and pass data from XML layouts

For first create block PHP under Vendor/Module/Block1

Code should be like bellow

after create block you need pass some data to block. I wanna use XML for this

You can use this XML code on any layout like default.xml.

I hope this post helped you